Nika Petrevich

Full Name

Nika Petrovna Rezanov

Date of Birth

1st October 1993

Place of Birth

Verkhoyansk, Russia


170cm / 5'7"


Eastern European House, Russia's Division

Hair Colour

Light Blonde

Eye Colour


"If you can run the run, fast."

Part of the first batch of students who enrolled in the Spring of 2010, Nika accumulated an infamous reputation for her risk-loving nature and a friendly vendetta towards Asian architecture.


Despite being born in one of the coldest towns in the world, Nika grew up as a warm and bubbly child, surrounded by reindeers and warm hearts away from civilisation. Her early days consisted of chasing after reindeers in bulky fur coats and huddling indoors with her mother. Her family relocated to Krasnoyarsk for her primary schooling and then again to Moscow when she was eleven as her father was a businessman. Despite this, she still returns to Verkhoyansk every summer holiday to help with the reindeer.


Outgoing and optimistic, her life revolves around taking risks and pushing her horizons. Unfortunately, this also includes other people's comfort zones. She is extremely competitive

Interests and ActivitiesEdit

Running - This girl loves to run; she doesn't see the point walking as as both aims to arrive at a destination and running is faster. Will take any opportunity for a good race


  • TBC
  • Jussi
  • Milli
  • Alex
  • Shin
  • Leo

Alternate UniversesEdit

  • TBC


  • Manhunt started with her and Shin running away from an angry Leo... it was just supposed to be tag...
  • Blowing up the asian house was an accident (the first time anyway)
  • Wanted to be a stunt artist when she grows up, not too sure now