World Academy Pairing ListEdit

A list of pairings within World Academy for our sexy students and their sexy adventures!

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Notable PairingsEdit

These pairings are extremely well known to all students and are (in)famous for their moe factors leading to their success.


The no.1 pairing in Gakuen Hetalia. These boys are gorgeous on their own and together they create the ultimate fangirl utopia <3.

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Pairings List:Edit

Aria L. Smith (BomberLory )

All female students within World Academy                                                  ?

Bora Kim (NinjaToriri )

Štefan Otčenáš Stuttering Orgasms

Chloe Wright (K311YK311Y )

Milo Jaeger ?
Blair McCarty ?
Dylan Christensen ?
Štefan Otčenáš ?

Damon Connelly Junior (Aleatoire09 )

Hwangpo Dong-Min DaMin
Leonara Finch DamLeo
Sil Seaver DamSil
Dylan Austin Christensen DamDyl
Neville Forrestal DamNev

Dylan Austin Christensen (Jaycee81196 )

Damon Connelly Junior DamDyl
Štefan Otčenáš CirDyl
Ciro Vallis StefDyl
Elizabeth Volkova ?
Ciro Vallis and Elizabeth Volkova ?

Hwangpo Dong-Min (FranceInMyPants)

Jeszicka Hausburn MinJez
Vanessa Zeldenthuis MinNessa
Damon Connelly Junior DaMin
Sil Seaver MinSil
Neville Forrestal VilleMin
Neville Forrestal/Sil Seaver/Hwangpo Dong-Min MinSilVille

Jeszicka Hausburn (Unicorn-Crossing )

Alexander Wen JezAlex
Blair Jay McCarty McJez
Hwangpo Dong-Min MinJez
Jingguo Nikolai Braginsky RoyalDerpShipping
Ludwig Isenhauf IsenHaus
Makaias Williams MakaJez
All Asian students in World Academy JezAzn
Entire World Academy 38DDDomination

Leonara Finch (Drakon-the-Demon )

Sean Xu XuFin
Damon Connelly Junior DamLeo
Milo Jaeger MilLeo
Kall Isenhauf KalLeo

Makaias Williams (omilover )

Eun Sun Oh MakaEun
Kareru Makaru
Angel Lowell MakaAngel
Jeszicka Hausburn MakaJez
Štefan Otčenáš' Porn Stars Shipping
The World makaistheshizz
Cinderella Soliel Hate Shipping

Milo Jager (deathbybroccoli )

Soo Hwa 'Robin' Lee MiSoo
Leonara Finch MilLeo

Patty (Purpleear )

Sealand [Peter Kirkland] ?

Sil Seaver (vixie-pie )

Blair McCarty BlaSil
Damon Connelly Jr. DamSil
Hwangpo Dong-Min MinSil
Neville Forrestal NevSil
Hwangpo Dong-Min and Neville Forrestal MinSilVille

Štefan Otčenáš (slobrah )

Bora Kim Stuttering Orgasms
Ciro Vallis CirStef
Dylan Austin Christensen StefDyl
Jingguo Nikolai Braginsky ?
Sil Seaver ?

Thanh Chaoemmcoolio

Hong Kong (Kaoru Wang)

 Porn Shipping
South Korea (Im Yong Soo) ?
Shaniqua Green

Queen and Knight

Dante Mr. Charming Man NO DICKS